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About Us

SchulPortals Technologies is an ICT solutions provider. As an Application Service Provider (ASP) we have evolved from a group of dedicated professionals from discrete fields of Education, Information Technology, Engineering and Management. We have harness cutting edge online services in the field of Information Technology for school management. Other web based solutions and services provided by SPT borders on the following:

  • Web Portal Solutions
  • ICT Consulting
  • Educational Research Support Services
  • Online Software development
  • Training and Career Development

Our expertise covers an ICT service range of ICT consulting, Web Portal Services & e-commerce, ASP (Application Service Provider), Web Services & Solution, Educational Research Support Services, Online Software development, Training and Career Development.

As an Application Service Provider, we are backed with quality years of experience, our professionals work logically and precisely to evaluate the client situation, find the best viable online solution, and implement the portal services solution with optimum resources and within the minimum time frame.

SchulPortals Technologies provides services ranging from educational research, career development for students. We have integrated online services such as career services modules tailored for our client’s students including online polls and survey.

We offer complete school portal solutions with integrated SMS services with a robust SMS gateway, custom applications and database driven web sites. SchoMis & ColMis are two complete web-based Education Management Information System of SchulPortals Technologies. They are designed meet the requirements of Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students. They Provide Effective, Efficient, Integrated and Comprehensive Management Solution for any Educational Institutes, colleges, institutes and universities.

SchoMis: Software solution for online college management, high school management information system, e-learning portal, educational and school portal.

ColMis: A robust and customized school portal system for tertiary institution with integrated web services and short message services (sms).

The software solutions enable real time communication to parent about the updated academic performance of their wards on a regular basis. Receive alerts and SMS messages on your ward performance such as marks, attendance and punctuality on our high school management portal – SchoMis.